The Power of Knowing when to Quit

I listened to a podcast last week for work. It was eye-opening. Here’s the link to listen: The Power of Knowing when to Quit

The podcast talks about Muhammad Ali and the 3 people who turned around while others perished on Mt. Everest. There’s not a book written about the people who didn’t die! You’ll have to listen in for the rest of the story.

Life is too short to spend on something that isn’t working– especially when you could use that time for something worthwhile. Think about it- all of the things we do or finish simply because we started. Life is too short to spend in relationships that are not fulfilling. I can speak to that because my life is so much better now that I have decided not to continue relationships with angry people!!

This was a really profound thing for me. I lived with angry people my entire life, and when my dad died, I said, “No more!” I realized after DW left and my dad died, that I do not have to put up crazy people, angry people or people who mistreat me.

I really don’t have a lot to say here. Take a listen to the podcast and see why knowing when to quit is a GOOD thing.

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