Twin Falls, Looking Glass Falls, Sliding Rock -Pisgah National Forest

Not far off the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll find Sliding Rock waterfall, Looking Glass waterfall and Twin Falls. The Pisgah National Forest is absolutely beautiful. I wrote an entire post weeks ago on these falls and ended up not publishing it. Story of my life!

God’s beautiful creation is such a gift. Being able to get out and enjoy his creation gives me time to reflect, count my blessings and become even more aware of God’s personal gifts to me.

Marty bought us each a pair of new Hoka hiking boots for Valentine’s Day and we decided to break them in early and went on on another waterfall hunting quest. Since this hike, we’ve gone to see Rainbow Falls and a few others.

I am always trying to have the perfect blog post—which never happens— I am just posting pictures with short entry. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Just do it!

Looking Glass Falls
Sliding Rock
One of the Twin Falls

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