It Just Takes Time

Life is still pretty smelly right now, but it is slowly getting better. I’ve tried every recipe on the internet to remove the skunk oil from the dawg. It is just going to take time, like most things in life. AND, like most things in life, you just can’t rush it. It just takes time, smelly, smelly, skunky time.

Five years ago, I had foot surgery (the week before he left). I wasn’t supposed to walk at all the first week. I was supposed stay in bed with my foot elevated except to use the restroom. Gradually from there, I was supposed to take baby steps. Because of life’s circumstances, the post-operative plan completely fell apart. I ended up working several jobs, walking too much and the tendon on my other leg almost ruptured. I spent almost a year in physical therapy and months and months in a boot. Slowly, while still in physical therapy, I began walking without a boot on flat terrain. Eventually, I was able to do intervals and increase my fitness level while still working out on flat ground. It took another year for me to be able to walk or hike up any sort of incline without pain. It took TIME and lots of work to heal and to recover. When it was finally healed, I had missed out on two hiking seasons.

Being physically fit has always been important to me, but I really struggled to stay fit while raising my boys. Don’t all moms? Once I had what I call a “double empty nest”, I used this time to focus on my fitness goals. I decided that I needed to make a bigger effort to be healthy. I bought a Jeep to carry my kayak and my outdoor toys. Instead of staying home every weekend, I started hiking and kayaking. Health is more than just how much you weigh. I don’t do fad diets, or any really diets, to be honest. I try to eat healthy, but I eat my fair share of gluten-free Oreos, just sayin’. Mercy, I could lose some weight if I laid off the milkshakes. I love ice cream.

Some of the Crossed Paddles Crew

I also found a wonderful group of kayakers through my friend Amy, and these folks have become like family. Our group is called Crossed Paddles and we have a great time camping, kayaking and some of us take side-trips to hike. I bought a treadmill for inclement weather, dusted off my youngest son’s weight machines and most recently bought an exercise bike. I have ZERO excuses for not exercising. I try to exercise every day. I don’t always do some amazing workout, but I try to get something in. Do I fail? Absolutely! But each day, I wake up and try to make progress toward becoming a better, healthier person.

Last year, my goal was 2,000 miles. This year, my goal is 2,500 miles– kayaking, intervals, biking. I currently have 1,611.2 miles in. That means between now and December 31st, I have to get 177.8 miles in per month. I can do this! On Jan 1st, I had to get 208.33 miles in each month to make that goal, so I consider myself right on track! I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I am getting there. It’s a little harder to get into shape after 50, but it isn’t impossible.

Tonight, I only did a 25 minute ride. It’s something and something is better than nothing. Each mile brings me one more closer to my 2,500 mile goal. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you want to get into shape, put on your tennis shoes and take that first step. Before you know it, one becomes two and two becomes three. Next thing you know, you’ll be logging miles you never thought possible. Don’t give up! Remember it takes time and work to get into shape–it doesn’t happen overnight.

  One thought on “It Just Takes Time

  1. Joe Matlock
    August 7, 2021 at 8:19 am

    Better to wear out than to rust out…


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