My New Ride

I am SO excited about my new road bike! I took it for a spin yesterday with Marty. I’m not quite ready to go out on the road alone, but I know that I will eventually feel confident enough to go all by myself. There is a lot to learn about biking on the road, but I know I will get it. It just takes time. I am really looking forward to all of the beautiful adventures I’ll have once I get it down pat. Happy dance.

As I have NEVER done road biking, there is quite a learning curve for me. While I have ridden bikes my whole life (not avidly or anything–mostly just here and there on a trail or in my neighborhood). When my boys were little, I had one of those trailers that carried two toddlers……then along came three! I didn’t know where to put the third little guy, so there went riding. I probably would have done more riding if I had a partner who also exercised. I got back into running after my boys were born and walked trails with two in a stroller and one on my back in a backpack carrier. Life happened, though. We ended up spending an inordinate amount of time in the hospital because of their diseases, but that’s just how life rolls sometimes.

My little red bike is still the cutest of my bikes, in case you were wondering. It’s just red, cute and has the cute little light on the front and the rack on the back. I think it will always be my favorite. This new bike is super cute in its own right, though. Maybe it’s not cute as much as it is Niiiiice. It’s just a good looking bike.

All of my worries vanished on the road yesterday. Remember all of my questions about whether or not one could get exercise on an e-bike? Well, yes, one can. I was playing around with all the buttons yesterday and still got a decent workout in. I used all three levels, while trying to stay in the first level the most. I wanted to see what each level felt like on various types of inclines. I call them inclines because what I call a hill, Marty does not. <giggle> I also think he was able to get a better workout in because I was able to keep up. Rather, he didn’t have to worry about leaving me behind and he could really pedal.

It was AMAZING. So much fun because I didn’t have to struggle up the hills (yes, Marty, they were HILLS) but still a workout because I could feel my legs burning and got my heart rate up there a bit. Side note: I’m still trying to figure out how to monitor my heart rate with my AppleWatch in the Mission Control app or in Strava. You would think it would be easy, just connect and go. Alas, it is not. I connected my Apple watch to Strava years ago when I started using it to track my kayaking, but have never gotten heart rate data to import. That is something to discuss in another blog entry, however.

We rode 16.6 miles and it wasn’t anything like the other day on my little red bike. We even went back to the scene of the crying, as Marty pointed out. We also passed a turtle on the road and Marty rode back to save it. He is more agile on his bike than I am on mine, so it made sense. We didn’t want the turtle to get squished by a car. By the time I would have gotten back there, well, you know.

In the beginning, the skinny little tires on the bike felt wobbly and awkward, but I got somewhat used to them by the end. I still need lots of practice, of course. This was the first road bike I have ever ridden on the road, so it only stands to reason that I need practice. I tested a few in the stores, but never rode one out on the open road. WOW! The open road was amazing. <smile>

There are so many cool features on my new Specialized e-road bike that it is going to take time to learn how to use them all. Yesterday was just a short little ride to play around with it, to see what it could do. You can ride it like a regular bike without any assist and you can also program its various assist levels so that it only helps a little or a lot, etc. On flat terrain, it seems awful powerful and when you put it on full power, you instantly feel a little push. It’s got some sort of special shock built into the handlebars to help your shoulders and back. I’m going to say it worked because my wrists, arms, shoulders and back felt fine. The saddle was also comfortable.

I’m not a professional. I’m not an expert. I’m just a girl who started really getting into this riding a year and a half ago. All of the experts seem to be right, though. You really can get in a good workout on an e-bike. I can see how my being able to do longer rides with Marty on this would help me achieve my fitness goals, and I’m really excited about the types of rides this bike will allow me to do! Remember, I’m 53 and haven’t done this before, so the fact that I could potentially, eventually, do a few longer rides through the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina makes my heart happy, happy, happy! I’m going to try my best not to let my little red bike become lonely and unused. I still want to ride trails and go on picnics and enjoy all types of rides. It’s great to have choices! And this new Specialized bike really gives me so many extra choices.

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