A Little Closer to My Goal

Yesterday, I went for a 21 mile ride on my new bike. We started and finished at the Pilot Mountain visitor center parking lot. It was a hot, beautiful, clear North Carolina day. Perfect for logging a few more miles on my fantabulous new bike. I really need to get a GoPro so that I can take pictures more easily. So many beautiful sights to see along the way. Unfortunately, I’m new to road biking and still feel a little wobbly on the skinny tires. <smile>

My legs were burning at times, which made me realize the e-bike articles were correct! <laughter> Why was I worried that I wouldn’t get a workout in on an e-bike!? It doesn’t do all of the work for you. You really can get a great workout! Marty also got a workout in because of my new ride. Win, win! Usually, I’m holding him back– he’s been cycling for over 25 years, while I’m just a newbie. He’s an avid cyclist who is in much better shape than I. He says it doesn’t bother him, but I know he wants to get in shape for an upcoming ride in Tennessee and riding with me on my other bikes doesn’t really help him get into better shape. I really see the benefits of riding this bike with him on longer rides– there are benefits for both of us. I can’t wait until we ride again. I still have another 812.6 miles to go before I reach my 2021 goal of 2,500 miles, so I need to get cracking.

Today after work, I rode my NordicTrack S22i bike 5.6 miles. Since my legs are really tired after the last two days, I needed an easy day. The S22i lets me to anything from a super simple ride to rides that make my legs scream. Marty reminds me that it will take a while to build endurance in my legs for the longer rides like yesterday. I’ll keep trying until I get there. I have dreams of being able to do a ride up a mountain. Remember, I dream big!

In other news, the dawg still smells. We can get a little closer to him before smelling the skunk, so that’s a good improvement. He’s still confused about why we aren’t hugging him as often. <laughter> I’m sure this will get better with time, just have to be patient. I’m really wanting to get my kayak on the water soon, between work and our work schedules, it seems there just isn’t time. Summer is almost over and I had hoped to get on the water a lot more than I have. I need to make that happen. Until next time~~I’ll just keep enjoying the ride!

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