The Alligator at Merchants Millpond State Park

A few weeks ago, we went kayaking and camping at Merchants Millpond State Park in Gatesville, NC. It is a swamp and looks a lot like where I grew up in Louisiana! Spanish moss adorned trees everywhere and alligators. Yes, alligators. Some sources say there are 5 alligators in the swamp, others say there are only 3. While we were driving there, Marty said, “I really want to see an alligator today.” I replied, “We won’t see an alligator, there are only 5 in the entire swamp!’

We saw an alligator. After several log alligators, we paddled upon a real, live alligator! I’ve been wanting to share this beautiful creature on my blog since the day we happened upon him. He didn’t move as we paddled around, but he watched us closely. I named him ‘Big Boy”. He was a very big boy! I also took a hideous selfie with the alligator in the background because I knew some might think I pulled the picture of the alligator off of the internet. 😝😂 Alligators are amazing creatures that I had only seen at zoos and nature preserves until a few weeks ago.

The Merchants Millpond swamp is a beautiful place to visit. There is mistletoe that has twisted the trunks and branches of the tupelo gum trees into amazing shapes. Lots of bald cypress among a beautiful swamp ecology. We saw quite a few turtles and a Blue Heron. Nothing beat the alligator siting, however. We then camped overnight and hiked along the Bennetts Creek trail.

I haven’t had time to blog recently because I work too much! I work hard so that I can play harder……one day, I hope to blog about all the fantastic adventures and places I have been. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful state, to have a job and to be healthy enough to get outside and enjoy life. Maybe soon, I’ll be able to blog more frequently.

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