Jacksonville Rail Trail

I’ve now had the opportunity to ride the Jacksonville Rail Trail twice. Once back in October of 2020 when I was training for my new job and again when I traveled to Florida for work last month. It is an amazing trail! Along the way, one can visit the historical site of the largest encampment of Confederate troops during the civil war, Camp Milton.

The first time I rode the Jacksonville Rail Trail, I brought my green Fuji mountain bike. I did about 20 miles by myself. I turned around when another cyclist told me there was a rattlesnake on the trail–in the middle of the road– just past the 10 mile mark. That was my sign to head back. Last month, Marty and I rode 17 miles on the trail. The trail is under construction this spring and into the summer, but sections are still open. Be sure to check out the website for information on closures.

It’s an easy ride because it is paved the entire way. Perfect for beginners like me!

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