A Ghost Story

The day before Thanksgiving, a friend saw a dog on the side of the highway. Later he was found in the woods. Since they had no place for him to stay, they reached out to me. Of course we took him in. Bless his heart. He was scared ad covered in ticks. The Friday after Thanksgiving, I brought him to the vet to have is microchip scanned. He’s a beautiful Husky and we knew he had to be microchipped. His owners were loaned and they came to pick him up. The following Monday, they texted me to see if I wanted to keep him.

I kept his same name and brought him in to get his shots. He was infested with ticks and had only had one rabies shot. He goes in one week to get neutered– Merry Christmas to me. He’s been a great Christmas gift. He’s one of the sweetest dog’s I’ve ever met. He’s a little spoiled- he’s been sleeping in my room at night. We have the house separated in two to keep Shadow away. We’ve slowly been introducing them, but Shadow is still a grumble butt.

He’s been here over a month and I haven’t had time to make a blog entry! I’m really glad that this dog came into my life.

I ended up getting COVID of Christmas and am just now feeling back to normal. The first 2 1/2 days were a bit rough– congestion ad a sore throat that reminded me of the sore throat caused by strep! By last night, with the meds my doctor prescribed, I was feeling almost back to normal. Thankful that I have a great doctor! Tomorrow, I’ll try to post some picture of Ghost’s first trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains! He had a blast hiking.

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