Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
Turtleback Falls
Raven Cliff Falls SC

Sometime last month, we hiked to Rainbow Falls. True to its name, there was a rainbow at the falls. It was a little cold the day we went, but we bundled up and braved the mud.

Just past Rainbow Falls, there are two more falls. One is Turtleback Falls.

Worm Moon Paddle

Ghost did great on this 8 mile out and back trek. I meant to blog about this a long time ago. There’s just not enough time in the day. We went on an evening paddle on Badin Lake just over a week ago to see the Worm Moon. It was spectacular, as well.

Moore’s Creek Bridge

Maybe when I retire, I’ll be able to better blog about my adventures. Last week, I was in Jackson, NC I was able to visit Moore’s Creek National Battlefield and ride on the Camp Lejuene trail in my time off.

I was also able to stop and hike to the tallest waterfall in South Carolina on my way back from an in-person client meeting. Raven Cliff Falls was beautiful on a Friday afternoon. Even if I had to work the entire hike.

One thing I’ve learned about being an operations manager is that it is a 24/7 job. People. Someone. There’s always at least one person who needs help or can’t work or on and on. It really never ends.

Next weekend, I am planning on paddling on the NC coast with some friends. Maybe I’ll get to write about it while it is still fresh in my memory! I am really enjoying life right now. I pray for my youngest, who is now being enabled by an aunt and uncle who have taken him in. Maybe they can help him by getting him help. I hope. I pray. I doubt….because unless the youngest wants help, he’s just going to suck what he can from anyone willing to give. His car insurance expires again at the end of this month. Remember, I battled with him to get his car covered with the money he was making from his good paying job…..then ended up kicking him out. DW swept in and paid for his car insurance and fixed his car.

My oldest and his wife are expecting their 4th. My middle just got a 14% raise and I got a nice little raise myself. So I focus on the good and pray that youngest’s life gets turned around.

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