Grayson Highlands

What a great smile!

I’ve been to Grayson Highlands twice now. I went with Marty back in 2020 and again over my birthday weekend this year. I joked that every girl needs ponies for her birthday, so we went back to hike and to see the ponies! Marty is awesome!

If you have never been to Grayson Highlands, you are missing out! The ponies are SO cute. Fabio is probably my favorite! This year, there was a one week old little fellow that was just as precious as can be. Every girl who loves ponies will LOVE the treks out to see them at Grayson Highlands. There are also the cutest longhorn cattle roaming around. Look at the picture on the right and then tell me these aren’t some really cute longhorns!

Last year, we scrambled over rocks and made it to the top of Mt. Rogers. Mt. Rogers is Virginia’s highest point at 5,729 feet. Spoiler alert: there is no view from the top. It’s a dense forest that reminded me of something out of Lord of the Rings. Mossy overgrowth and decaying trees. It’s very beautiful, but if you are wanting a view, you need to take another trail! This year, we hiked different trails and saw beautiful waterfalls. There are so many beautiful trails, that we will definitely need to go back.

Geological Marker at Summit

I’m not a professional hiker, travel blogger or photographer. I just felt like sharing a little of this beautiful place with y’all today. I’ve been working on getting over my stress hangover today and couldn’t think of anything else to write. Why is sitting all day at the hospital so draining? That’s a million dollar question. Until next time!

Near the summit

  One thought on “Grayson Highlands

  1. Cherry Annette Creeson
    August 3, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    Gorgeous pics Pattie. Thanks for sharing your adventures!!


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