Level 54: the Long Boat

In a few weeks, I level up to level 54. Happy birthday to me! Fifty-four is going to be a great year. When I look back over the last 6 years, I realize just how amazing life is and how much God has really blessed me. Just when I think, “Life can’t get ANY better than this,” I look around and think, “WOW! It just did!”

None of the obstacles in life have kept me from enjoying life. Sure there are temporary setbacks and anxieties, but overall, when I look back where I was 6 years ago, the transformation is amazing. I was unhappy, stressed, anxious and really not enjoying life. Sure, I loved my boys and homeschooling, but the rest of my life was flat and boring. I dreamed of hiking, camping, kayaking and being outdoors. None of those dreams came to fruition until these last 6 years. Just a few weeks ago, I received a text from a friend saying, “Happy 3 year Jeep anniversary!” My Jeep really got me to all the places I dreamed of going……and more.

So, what’s this got to do with level 54 and long boats? Touring! I have wanted a touring kayak for quite some time. I want to explore the ocean inlets and paddle the Everglades. So, for my next level, I bought a Carolina 14. It is beautiful. She glides so quickly across the water. I had been going to Get Outdoors and sitting in the Carolina 14 and a couple of others for a while. I sat in a Tsunami. I finally decided that the Carolina was the boat for me. I love my other Perception Kayak and they have upgraded the seats since I bought my old trusty blue boat. I like the larger cockpits on Perceptions, too. It’s a win.

The day I bought my Carolina, I took it out to a local lake to paddle. A few days later, my rudder kit arrived and I came home to find Marty installing it for me. This past Saturday, we paddled over 12 miles down the Catawba River. So beautiful and so much fun. Of course, if I had brought my XP9, I would have been able to go through some different places on the river. It’s good to have choices. <laughter>

Who ever knew that the second half century of life would far surpass the first half? People always say it is all downhill after 40, but I seem to be getting better with age. My goal is to be flexible enough to still tie my shoes when I’m in my eighties. I’m working on it……

  One thought on “Level 54: the Long Boat

  1. June 23, 2022 at 12:17 pm

    I hit that number on May 1st! Thank you for being a good example for us! I feel a bit younger myself lately because I am learning to not deal with everyone else’s drama, it’s slow but in 3 years I will retire and start traveling more myself! God bless you, it makes me happy to see you happy! ❤️


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