The Road to Nowhere

With my job, I often find myself in the middle of what many people would call nowhere. I listened to a podcast once that said these places were really in the middle of somewhere. If you fly, you miss so many beautiful places. I have been blessed to drive quite a bit for my job and I get to see SO many unusual and oftentimes quaint places.

In the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, there is a road to nowhere. A reminder of the government’s broken promise. A town called Proctor was flooded to make Fontana Lake. Family cemeteries were cut off, but the government promised to build a road so that families could access the cemeteries. The project was halted because the government said the project had too much of an environmental impact. Like flooding an entire town to make a lake didn’t. 😂

Back in May, we had a great time paddling out to the little town of Proctor’s cemeteries and last remaining house. We also road 12 miles on the road to nowhere. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is beautiful, despite government’s broken promises.

Old Calhoun House

  One thought on “The Road to Nowhere

  1. Lucy Smyth
    July 24, 2022 at 8:38 am

    Thank you for sharing that. My friend and I don’t mind getting “lost” we always find the most interesting things when we venture off on back roads. Can’t wait for when I retire in 3 years to do that more often. Then again, why should I wait?


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